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MacArthur’s latest quest in exposing a fraudulent company started in March 2016. Initially he spent a lot of time digging into Allegiant Air that has been in trouble with the FAA for lack of quality maintenance.  So far, MacArthur interviewed several former mechanics at Allegiant, a few pilots, and the former CEO of its largest competitor. Through these interviews MacArthur has learned that Allegiant’s maintenance records are incorrect, forged, and inaccurate. The airline has been experiencing more than expected emergency landings, failed takeoffs, etc.  MacArthur, through FOIA request, obtained from the FAA hundreds of pages of Allegiant Air’s maintenance history.  
This is a long-term short investment, not a “trade” although sometimes stocks such as Allegiant experience large drops after an earnings report. MacArthur’s started recommending Allegiant Air at $170 and it has subsequently fallen to $122 per share, and should fall below $100 in 2017.  MacArthur hopes to earn at least 50% ROI on his shorts within 6 months.  Most of the short ideas tend to last at least two quarters. Hence, the standard market fluctuations must be factored in the investment. A large percentage of the portfolio will have long-term short investments. A portfolio of long term short ideas can create quality returns; they have zero correlation to the market on a daily basis.