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MacArthur’s macro level perspective to take strategic advantage of global technological shift, consumers buying pattern, and the undeniable obsolescence of key organizations along the way, is his drive to start a short only fund. And MacArthur had implemented this macro level strategy to his current research firm.
A relatable example was Musicland stores back in the 1990’s.  There was a rapid transition between tape cassettes and CDs.  MLG, the parent company of Sam Goody stores, was caught literally with a short supply of CDs, and an overage of tapes causing its sales to falter.  The stock fell from $10 to $1.   Anyone been in a Blockbuster store lately?
In 2016, there has been a lot of conversation about I-phone 7 sales fallowing below expectation.  It is hard to pick winners; however, we believe the suppliers of electrical components could be at risk.  Cirrus Logic (CRUS), for example, gets 68% of its revenue from AAPL.
If one follows MacArthur’s strategic thinking pattern, one would know the niche MacArthur is planning on bringing to his short only fund.